Lorem IpsumLast year we brought an un-expecting mansion to its knees with a sell-out weekend of utter debauchery, serious sounds and general weirdness... So with Balter Festival now firmly implanted in the minds and memories of our rather special faithful, we decided to go bigger and better this year and take the festival outdoors to some beautiful green fields in South Wales.

This year...

IS ALL about serious fun as we lunge into action, ready to trip you into a metaphorical wheelbarrow and hurtle you through a weekend traversing from the ridiculous to the downright absurd. So pack your Kendal mint cake and your KY, and prepare your jaw, as it’s going to drop and bounce heavier then your momma at a skrillex gig.


Line Up


Ska, hip hop, dub, reggae, punk & more...

Renegade Brass Band
Danny T & Tradesman
feat Parly B

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon
China Shop Bull
Captain Hotknives
Dub Boy & Tenja
Shire Roots & Blazenstein
ft. Joe Burn

Seas of Mirth
Will Tun & The Wasters
Salutation Dub
Spoken Herd
Moor Shire Soundsystem
Gwarn Owl
King Bolo
✦One Lion Takeover✦
Phili ‘n’ Dotz | Granville Sessions | Moose Funk Squad | Unan & L Plate | Subindex


The best in beats & bass, swing & breaks...


Gypsy, balkan, klezmer & all round general late night knees up action…

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Balter Festival?

Balter is in a new super secret venue in South Wales, roughly half an hour away from Bristol. The venue location will be revealed to ticket holders.

Do you do day tickets?

There are no day tickets on sale, this is for the hardcore weekend crew only!

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs or other animals, domestic or not, are allowed on site.

When can I arrive?

Gates will open at 14:00 on Friday afternoon, and will remain open until 23:00, after which there is absolutely no entry until Saturday morning so don’t be late!!

When do the tunes start?

Music starts at 6pm on Friday and is going in heavy from the start so be there!!

When do we have to leave?

Everyone needs to be off site by 11am on Monday 8th June. Sorry guys, we would love to keep it going but by then we will be a bit tired and grumpy!

Are any under 18s allowed on site?

This is a strictly over 18s event. You may be asked for ID at the gate, but at least it means you won’t need it at the bar!

Are you going to charge us ridiculous prices for rubbish drinks at the bar?

No!! It will be a very reasonably priced bar with good booze including some tasty local specialities. Drink responsibly though please, no one wants to look after a drunken mess!

Is Balter disabled friendly?

We want to be as accommodating as possible for anyone that wants to come, however as this is an outdoor event this is obviously not always simple. Please contact us directly to chat about your particular needs if you think we may not be prepared in the way you would need. Also take the weather into consideration, if the gods are not so kind on us it could be a struggle getting around site!

Can I have a camp fire or BBQ?

Campfires and BBQs are forbidden due to safety issues. A small camping stove is allowed but please ensure this is used in outdoor areas only. Be careful when changing gas cylinders!

Can I bring my campervan?

Yes but you must buy a ticket from Afterdark.co, anyone without a ticket will not be allowed into the live-in vehicle field.

Is there a cash point on site?

No there is no cash available on site, you have to go old school and bring what you expect to spend with you!

What is Balter’s policy on drugs?

Drugs are illegal no matter where in the country you are, and the same applies here. Do not bring any drugs with you, security will be looking out for anyone using or dealing illegal substances.

What else should I know?

Please do NOT bring ANY glass, fireworks, portable soundsystems, portable laser systems, weapons, or other illegal or offensive items onto site. Anyone found with any of these items will have them taken away and could face eviction from the site or further police investigation.

Where is the psy-trance stage?

Deep within your dead soul. If you search hard enough, you will find it. Just please don’t bring it to Balter or you will face immediate eviction!

Twisted rave & broken beats...

DJ Hidden | Ruby My Dear | Vandal | Sully
Ed Cox | The Teknoist | Mandidextrous | Yowii
DJ K | Stivs | Ghost | M.D.S
C3B | Kid Lib | Kelvin 373 | J-Man
Pastaman b2b Nick Ed | Osh Kosh | Dub Liner
Audiomission b2b Seyms | Spacedocker | DJ Fuk
Figcake | E-coli | General Waste | Doc PZDC
Rufftek & T-Menace | Computer Says | Little Monster
The Wize Guys | MC Noia

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