Where is my ticket?

After you buy a ticket it will be waiting for you in your account on You can sign in and download the ticket at any time.
No admission without an e-ticket.

For more details regarding tickets please see the Terms and Conditions.

I’ve lost my ticket!!

Do not worry! You can resend your ticket at anytime by going here –

Why aren’t you doing split payment tickets this year?

We’re sorry but the new ticket company we are using this year do not have that option.

For more details regarding tickets please see the Terms and Conditions.

How much booze can I bring in?

The amount of alcohol you can bring in is limited. We are a small independent and completely non-corporate event so the bar is a vital source of income for us. It aims to allow us to give a little bonus to some of our amazingly hard working volunteer crew, and goes towards some of the crazy stuff we are booking around the site! Therefore we do have to set a limit on the amount of alcohol brought in to the festival.

This is set at 16 cans of beer or cider/2 large bottles of cider or wine/1 bottle of spirits.

Don’t forget – NO GLASS ON SITE!!

Decant any spirits/wine etc into plastic bottles please!

In return though we do have a great bar on site selling very reasonably priced and good quality drinks; from local beers and ciders to Buckfast cocktails. With cold drinks starting at £2.50 you won’t want those warm cans sweating away in your tent anyway!

What’s the booking fee all about?

We get it, you see tickets are advertised as being £120 and then go online and find there is a few pounds more to add.

In a word; sorry.

In a few more words; the company that sells our tickets have to maintain their website, deal with customer support for you guys and have us constantly asking them to change a part of their website just for us. Then they come on site for the whole weekend to operate the ticketing system! They are actually great and we negotiated a cheaper booking fee for you guys but the reality is that they aren’t gonna do all of that for free!

Anyone holding events anywhere in the country should hit up / to sell your tickets!

Why is it Over 18 only?

Because we don’t want to deal with drunk teenagers or lost kids! Its not that we don’t love kids, it just makes our life easier! Plus its now part of our licence, therefore we can legally say NO UNDER 18s!!

Anyone that appears even remotely under 25 will be asked for ID at the gate so make sure you bring some with you!

Where is Balter Festival 2018?

Balter Festival 2018 will be held at Chepstow Racecourse, Chepstow, NP16 6BE.

When can I arrive?

Gates open at 12pm Friday 8th June. Please do not arrive before this, you will just have to wait outside.
Gates will close at 10pm each evening through the weekend and re-open at 9am the following morning. Don’t bother arriving outside of these times as you will have to wait outside, and that ain’t gonna be fun!

Do I need to pay for parking?

No the car park is free. Think of the environment though and lift share! You can advertise for lifts on the Facebook event page.

Do you sell day tickets?

We only sell weekend tickets, one day is never enough!

How can I apply to participate as a volunteer?

Please e-mail for details on volunteering

How can I apply to perform as a musician?

Applications for 2018 are now closed and the lineup is complete. We will be be accepting applications for 2019 after the summer.

I applied to play, why did I never hear back?

We had a massive response this year with over 500 applications after we put out the form via Facebook. We listened through them but we just couldn’t physically reply to everyone other than those successful, we’re a very small team over the winter and we just don’t have the time.
If you weren’t booked its not necessarily because we didn’t like you, we just have very limited spaces available.

How can I apply as a visual artist?

If you are a dab hand with paint, or any other medium of art, and want to get involved please contact us on

How can I apply as a walkabout performer?

Any walkabout or sideshow performers and entertainers can apply by contacting us on We especially look for people who involve the crowd in their performance and are particularly fun, or just really weird!

How can I apply as a trader?

To apply as a market trader please contact
We only want stalls that sell decent quality stuff.
Bribes/free stuff to the organisers or crew are readily accepted.

We are not accepting any more applications for caterers for 2018.

Will there be medical facilities?

Yes we have a great team run by Craig and his mighty crew of life saving medics! They can help with most issues, or get you to a hospital if its really needed! Try not to hurt yourself too badly though, they would prefer a relaxing weekend where possible!
You can find them as always on the edge of the campsite.

If you have particular medical issues that you would like to discuss with us please contact us on
If you need to arrange to refrigerate your medication this is no problem but again please contact us in advance.

Is the festival disabled friendly?

We do our absolute best to be. The venue is pretty flat and small, there are no large distances between any two points on site. We provide a few disabled toilets around the site, and can help with charging wheelchair batteries etc. In general we will do anything we can to assist you, but it would be wise to contact us first on if you have any questions or concerns.

A free PA/career ticket will be available for anyone in receipt of high mobility or middle/high rate care component of DLA (or its PIP equivalent)
Please e-mail us for details.

Can I have a BBQ/bonfire?

We all love a good fire, but flames and tents are a bad mix. We can’t allow any BBQ’s or campfires, and the campsite will be patrolled by security looking out for these.
You can however bring a small and easily controllable camping stove. Just don’t light it inside your tent!

Do you have quiet camping?

I think you have come to the wrong festival.

Do you have showers?

Yes there will be showers in the campsite available for a small fee .

Can I get cash out or pay by card?

There will not be a cash point on site but the bar will accept cards

Can I leave my unwanted tent behind?

No! If you really don’t want to take it home at least shove it in a bag and hand it in to the info point where we will be collecting for local homeless charities.

When is the psy-trance stage lineup being released?

When hell freezes over.

I have another question that isn’t on this list?

Ahh, you’re an original one eh? Give us a shout on and we’ll get back to you. If it’s a super good question we might even put it on here!