Balter – “To dance artlessly, without particular skill or grace, but always with great contented enjoyment”

Its more than a definition, it’s a way of life!

Born in the woods of Devon, raised in the clubs of Bristol, and finally maturing in the fields of Wales, Balter Festival went from a silly idea to hard reality before we knew what had hit us!
In the summer of 2014, on a warm June weekend, 700 people descended on Baskerville Hall, a reportedly haunted house that was of great inspiration to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Chaos ensued.
Most who went say they had “some fun”.

After that first event, Balter hit the fan and things got a bit more real. The travelling convoy of misfits and weirdos, wacky racers and disco divas was born. The little town of Chepstow was the destination this time, and we settled for the time being on a horse course, nestled comfortably in between the jumps and on the weekend before ladies day. Most appropriate!

2017 was some crazy scenes! Headlined by King Prawn, Break, Alix Perez, Limewax, Mat Weasel Busters and loads more and with more people attending than ever before, things turned mad! The critics came along and seemed to enjoy themselves, check out what they had to say:

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