Balter – “To dance artlessly, without particular skill or grace, but always with great contented enjoyment”

Its more than a definition, it’s a way of life!

Born in the woods of Devon, raised in the club nights of Bristol, and finally maturing in the fields of Wales, Balter Festival went from a silly idea to hard reality before we knew what had hit us!
In the summer of 2014, on a warm June weekend, 700 people descended on Baskerville Hall, a reportedly haunted house that was of great inspiration to Sir Conan Doyle. Chaos ensued.
Most who went say they had “some fun”.

After that first event, Balter hit the fan and things got a bit more real. The travelling convoy of misfits and weirdos, wacked-out racers and disco divas was born. The little town of Chepstow was the destination this time, and we settled for the time being on a horse course, nestled comfortably in between the jumps and on the weekend before ladies day. Most appropriate!

Affirming a love of life, each other, and most of all just having a whole lot of fun, those who attend are a special bunch. Three years in now and its like a field of old friends. Even those who attend for the first time seem to know everyone else within ten minutes of pitching their tent. The music aims to be non-stop banging (we ain’t got time for chill out!) yet it takes second place as the reason to be there for most who attend. It’s not about hearing the latest and greatest EDM lenger, or whatever rubbish the kids are listening to and saying these days, Balter is for those who want to leave the normality of day-to-day life and escape to a world of silly for a weekend. With no children on site it is a place of very little modesty or censorship. There is no political correctness, people can say what they think and will not be judged. As long as you are not harming anyone or anything else you are fine by us. The old adage ‘Don’t be a Dick’ is the main law of this land!

Now moving into its fourth year, Balter has become a force to be reckoned with. Critics have used words such as “ok” and “surprising” when describing the weekend. VICE even left site to go have a calming walk around the local area. Its un-doubtable that some of them still remember elements of the event when waking suddenly at night in a cold sweat with that unmistakable feeling of dread. Perhaps not everyone can hack it, but that’s ok, we’re pretty particular about who we want attending anyway. For those who can, 2017 is gonna be a special year!!

We’ll see you front left/ front right/ at the back…. Wherever you like to stand, we’ll be there with you. Kinda like the Sting song, only a little less creepy.

Balter 2017… be prepared!

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